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Your Hnry Bank Account

How we automate your taxes, safely and securely

3 Things About Your
Hnry Account

It’s held in trust in your name

Your Hnry Bank Account is held in trust in your name (this means the money in it always belongs to you!). Hnry Accounts are provided by ASB - Hnry’s trusted banking partner.

It keeps all your taxes up to date

Getting paid into your Hnry Bank account means we can get your tax rates exactly right, and can file your tax returns without asking you for lots of information. No need for bank feeds or manual reconciliations!

It means what you get paid is yours to keep

Every time you get paid, we automatically calculate, deduct, and pay exactly the right amount of all your taxes. We then immediately send the rest to your personal bank account — that money is yours to keep.