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Contractors - Never think about tax again

Your taxes calculated and paid automatically. Your returns lodged by accountants.

Hnry for Contractors

Join Hnry and save up to 150 hours per year on your tax and financial admin!
Taxes calculated and paid automatically

Whenever you get paid, Hnry calculates, deducts, and pays your income tax, GST, Medicare, and Student Loan - so you’re always up-to-date on your tax payments.

All your returns lodged by expert accountants

As part of the service, our accountants will review your expenses and lodge all of your returns (income tax, BAS and PAYG instalments) whenever they’re due.

Unlimited support from tax experts

As part of the service you get FULL access to our team of expert local accountants. Our team will answer any question and typically respond in minutes!

The people have spoken

We are beyond proud to win both the 2022 Finnies award for People’s Choice: Fintech Organisation of the Year and the Finder award for Best B2B Innovation!

A massive thanks to all our customers, partners, and supporters who voted for us - it’s a real testament to the loyalty of our customers and the magnitude of the problem we’re solving for them.

It’s easy to get started with Hnry

" Hnry’s not like other accounting software because it’s really simple to use, it’s really easy to set up, and you have real accountants from Hnry working with you - you can’t go wrong with it. "

Shelley Breen
Business Management Contractor

How it works


Join Hnry, and have all of your contracting income paid into your new Hnry Bank Account


That’s it! Whenever a client or recruiter pays you into that account, we will calculate, deduct and pay all your taxes straight away, before passing what’s yours on to you immediately. That money is yours to keep!


As part of the service, we’ll also lodge all your tax returns for free whenever they’re due, and we’ll even chase down any overdue invoices if your clients are late paying

Peace of mind on your taxes

" When you move into contracting you want to have confidence quickly, that you’re not digging yourself a hole. When it comes to tax affairs now with Hnry, taxes are something I don’t have to think about. "

Nigel Malone
Independent Contractor

Never think about tax again!

Contractors - stop worrying about unexpected tax bills and join Hnry today!
Join Now

It’s always easy to switch to Hnry!

There’s no need to wait for the end of a tax year - we make it simple and seamless to make the switch to Hnry.

Our accounting team can get all your prior tax information and expenses transferred over in minutes - which means you can finally get peace of mind on all your obligations as a contractor.

Everything in one place

" Hnry’s great, it looks at tax for contractors in a completely different way.

I can send invoices with a click of a button, claim expenses, I receive payslips, all while Hnry is deducting and paying my tax on the go - it’s everything in one spot! "

Richard Capie

Only pay when you’re earning

Here are 5 things you need to know about Hnry’s simple, pay-as-you-go pricing: 

  1. You pay just $1+GST from every $100 in self-employed income you earn
  2. Your fees get you UNLIMITED use of the entire Hnry service and our expert accounting team
  3. You only pay fees when your clients pay into your Hnry Bank Account
  4. For anyone earning over $150,000 in a financial year, Hnry’s 1% fee is capped at $1,500
  5. We automatically claim your Hnry fees for you as a business expense!
Our fee is 1% of your self-employed income *
*excludes GST. Fees capped at $1,500/yr
Minimum $0.50 fee per transaction.

Who we work with: