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Hnry vs Traditional Accountants

See how Hnry is better for sole traders than traditional accountants

What you get with Hnry as your accountant

  • All your taxes calculated and paid as you go.
  • All your income tax & GST returns filed by Hnry's accountants.
  • Unlimited invoices and expense claims.
  • Expenses reviewed instantly by Hnry's accountants.
  • Clients can pay by credit card at no extra cost to you.
  • All transactions reconciled automatically.
You get all of this for just 1% + GST of your self-employed income (capped at $1,500/year).

With traditional accountants…

You do all the work. You're responsible for:
  • Reconciling bank transactions
  • Categorising expenses
  • Calculating and deducting your taxes as you earn
  • Making all your income tax & Medicare payments
With a traditional accountant, you still need:
  • To pay for their overcomplicated accounting software
  • A payment system like Stripe (2.9% + $0.30 on top of your invoices).
  • Time for financial admin – averaging 5 hours/week or $5,000/year for an assistant.
Including the cost of the accountant and the value of your time, this could cost over $9,000/year.

Traditional accountants weren’t for me

" Come tax time my traditional accountant would just give me all of this information in one big lump and say “all right off you go, have fun with that.” Now, with Hnry, it’s all done for me automatically. "

Natalie Gallant
Self-employed Physiotherapist

Hnry gives you more

With Hnry you get all your taxes paid and filed (Income Tax, GST and Medicare), all your business and home office expenses reviewed by expert accountants, as well as getting great software for invoicing, quoting, and personal financial management.

What You Need Hnry Traditional Accountant
Taxes calculated and paid automatically Yes No
Tax returns (including GST) filed by accountants Yes Yes
Raise Expenses Yes No
Expenses reviewed by accountants Yes Yes
Send quotes and invoices Yes No
Transaction reconcilation Yes No
Accept credit card payment Yes No
Receive payments via an mPOS Terminal Yes No
Unlimited support from accountants Yes - at no extra cost Usually charged by the hour

Get peace of mind on your taxes

" It’s great with Hnry. I can ask any question I need to and know that it’s being answered by a qualified accountant. I feel like I’ve pestered them a bit because I was a total noob with tax. "

Brendan O’Reilly
Freelance Graphic Designer