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Introducing Allocations: Hnry's Awesome New Feature for Distributing Your Money

Have you ever been frustrated at having direct debits come out of your personal account before you’ve been paid by clients? Have you wanted to make regular payments to someone every time you get paid? Then Hnry’s new ‘Allocations’ feature is for you.

With Hnry’s new Allocations feature, you can now set aside money to automatically be deducted from your income and transferred into different accounts!


What can I allocate, and how much?

You can nominate percentages of your income to be paid to any New Zealand bank account every time you get paid. Pay 5% into your Savings Account, pay 10% to KiwiSaver, pay 5% to your mum. You can establish a rainy day fund, put money towards a shared flat account, and incrementally pay off your mortgage each time you get paid. You can even make charitable donations to One Percent Collective or pay into your Sharesies account!


Who you pay and the percentage you pay is entirely up to you.

Setting up Allocations in Hnry is FREE and you can create as many Allocations as you like (up to a combined 45% of your income) towards different funds.

Say you send in an Invoice for $1000. Your income breakdown, alongside Deductions and Allocations, for that Invoice will look like the following:

  • $225 in Income Tax (22.5%)
  • $15 to ACC (1.5%)
  • $100 to KiwiSaver (10%)
  • $50 to a Rainy Day Fund (5%)
  • $50 to your Mum (5%)
  • $25 to One Percent Collective (2.5%)
  • Allocations percentages are taken from your gross income and are deducted after other Deductions (i.e. tax and compliance). The money will be deducted automatically, just as your regular tax and compliance are deducted, and the money you keep will be passed on to you.
  • So in the above example, you would see the following on a payslip: $240 paid in regular Deductions, $225 Allocated to your various funds and accounts, and you would keep $535.

Easy as! Why not check out the Allocations in Hnry and start organising where your money goes?


See the full list of launch Allocations below:

Any New Zealand Bank Account

A little bit can go quite a long way. And because you can set up Custom Allocations that will go to any NZ bank account, that little bit certainly adds up! All you need is that Bank Account Number and the percentage you’d like to allocate.



KiwiSaver is primarily a retirement savings plan, but you can also draw money from KiwiSaver and put it towards the purchase of your first home. When you’re self-employed, there are no set contribution rates: you can set an allocated (completely optional) proportion and see your money literally grow over time. It’s important to keep a close eye on your regular voluntary KiwiSaver contributions because if you contribute at least $1,042.86 per tax year you’re eligible for an annual contribution from the Government, worth up to $521.43 a year. That’s basically free money!

N.B: If you were previously making KiwiSaver deductions through Hnry, you’ll now find these in Allocations!



If you have a Sharesies account, you can allocate a certain percentage of your income towards investment funds and plant seeds for larger economic growth. You can invest a little bit or a lot, depending on how you perceive the risk: it’s entirely up to you, and Sharesies make it easy to invest in simple, fun and empowering ways. Visit the Sharesies site for investing tips.


Charitable donations

We’ve teamed up with Wellington-based charitable trust One Percent Collective (OPC), so that you can select up to eleven small-to-medium sized charities that OPC have partnered with, and donate 1% of your earnings to those charities. When you select a charitable fund to donate to, OPC will send you stories updating you on how your donation has made a positive impact. Moreover, you receive a 33.33% tax credit for donations over $5, which you can use to reduce the amount of tax you pay at the end of the year.

In the allocations feature on the Hnry platform, simply select from “Custom Allocation,” “KiwiSaver,” “Sharesies,” or “One Percent Collective” from the “Add A New Allocation” drop-down menu, and follow the steps to set up your dispersing.


Happy allocating! 💸

DISCLAIMER: The information on our website is for general educational purposes only. It doesn't cover all situations and circumstances, and shouldn't be taken as direct tax advice. If you're looking for specific help with your taxes, join Hnry and our team of experts can provide you with assistance tailored to your business needs.

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