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Understanding KiwiSaver with kōura

James Fuller (Hnry co-founder) and Rupert Carlyon (kōura founder) meet up to discuss why so many of New Zealand’s independent contractors fail to take advantage of KiwiSaver benefits.


“We’re all about empowering people to make better financial decisions around their KiwiSaver,” says Rupert in the conversation. “And the question is all about, how do we get people to engage?”

Watch the full interview below to hear more about:

  • the right approach to KiwiSaver (is it set and forget, or something more hands-on?)
  • common trends and stats in how contractors approach their KiwiSaver
  • ways of thinking about their KiwiSaver so you can see your contributions grow over time
  • the government contribution
  • and heaps more!

What’s more, Hnry customers can now set up an Allocation to their kōura KiwiSaver scheme.



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